Jacob’s Teaching Placement

Jacob Manning is studying to be a teacher at La Trobe University Bendigo. He shares with us his experience teaching in a rural school:

In mid-2017 during my second year of a Bachelor of Education, I received my second semester placement information. I was excited to find out that I was placed at a small rural school. I have always been interested in the workings and the environment of small schools, small classrooms and mixed grade classrooms. My only concern was that the school where I was placed was some distance from Bendigo and I would be required to seek local accommodation. Surviving on a student income can be difficult enough without adding 3 weeks of additional accommodation costs. It was around this time that I became aware of the Kluwell Publications Educational Bursary. After explaining my situation and circumstances in the easy application process, I was awarded the bursary. I found local accommodation and successfully undertook my placement.

Placement in a rural school was a rewarding and extremely educational experience. The teachers were friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable and skilled educators. I was involved in all aspects of the school environment including energy breakthrough and staff meetings. The size of the school also meant that I was able to foster relationships with other teachers and even the principal. I was able to ask the principal questions I had about the inner workings of schools and was even able to ask what she looked for when employing graduates.

I was very active in the classroom and was given the opportunity to teach many classes across a range of curriculum areas. I was given great constructed feedback and undertook the most informative professional development from a placement to date. The students in this rural school were very diverse in background, behaviour and ability and provided a very comprehensive learning experience. I couldn’t recommend enough to education students to get out into rural schools and immerse themselves in the supportive and educational environment.

The Kluwell Publications Bursary covered all my accommodation costs. This enabled me to really focus in on learning without worrying about finances or travelling hours in the car each day. It meant I could put more time into planning and teach more classes than required of me by the university. It meant my entire attitude heading into the placement was positive. Since completing my placement, I have been into the Kluwell Publications warehouse and have developed relationships with the staff. The staff show a genuine interest in my progress and show a strong passion for the education industry. I encourage all educations students undertaking a rural placement to apply for the Kluwell Publications Bursary.