What’s NEW @ Kluwell HQ???

It’s bright, it’s strong, it’s inviting, it’s resourceful, it’s funny….. it’s our brand new, full colour DO IT Diary!

Kluwell Publications have just released their very first full colour edition Senior Diary. How does this vary from their popular My Home Reading journals? The Do It Diary is designed to assist in preparing school students for the transition into secondary school. It has a daily section to record homework, including reading, planning and events happening during each week. There is an abundance of useful reference material to assist with homework activities, including reading tips, language concepts, maths reference pages, personal data along with goal setting and much more.

Of course it’s still all about motivating students. Each week they’ll find a hilarious joke, multiple choice world fact question AND every Do It Diary includes awards and stickers in recognition of the number of days involved in homework activities. The awards are designs based on artwork produced by different cultures and different times in history. Further explanation on each award can be found here. I’m sure you’ll agree Illustrator John Veeken has done a fantastic job creating each full colour award!

Why is it called a DO IT Diary you ask? Because it’s a:
Tips & Awards

How does the Do It Diary differ from other Senior Diaries?

  • Spiral bound for strength.
  • Hard cover for durability. Small amounts of water will simply wipe off.
  • Awards and Stickers included at no extra cost.
  • Dates are not printed on every page so stock can be carried into the following year if necessary.
  • The content is ‘what’ the kids wanted. We surveyed students for the information.
  • Each daily recording section has faint lines (as requested by students)
  • PRICE! A low price of $6.50 makes it one of the only full colour diaries at such a low price.

To view a full sample click here.

Orders can be placed online or by emailing Kluwell Publications info@kluwell.com