Cool Australia

Education Spotlight:

Cool Australia – teaching sustainability on an educational site

Cool Australia is dedicated to educational leadership in ‘educating for a sustainable future’. The site is in line with Australian curriculum requirements and includes curriculum resources for teachers and learning activities and a digital toolbox for students.

For Teachers

Teachers can access an amazing array of curriculum materials. Materials are grouped into resource types, year levels, topics and subjects. This makes it easy for teachers to find materials relevant to their current teaching requirements. There is also a Professional Development section, where teachers can access online courses that are accredited with BOSTES.


For Students

Students get to the cool stuff via the Toolbox. There is a variety of topics, ranging from Biodiversity to Earth Hour. When students click on the icon for their year level, they are directed to materials that are suitable for their level of learning in each topic. Each section has a range of videos, images, infographics, research articles and news items that students can access to create presentations and enhance assignments.


The Cool Australia team wants ‘every Australia student to leave school with a clear understanding of our natural world’ and there’s no doubt the site delivers. It may not have interactive games or nifty clubs and characters, but it is easy to navigate and offers solid, clearly presented information geared toward each level of learning.