Tips for reading with a beginner

If you are like many parents, you probably don’t remember how you learnt to speak and read. This state of affairs may cause a great deal of uncertainty if you have a child learning to read at home, but don’t despair. We have some easy tips that will get your beginner engaged and turning pages before you know it.

  • Read aloud every day – if you don’t love to read, you can’t expect your child to find reading is fun. Find stories that interest you and read for at least fifteen minutes per day. The time spent will help increase your child’s vocabulary and give him/her new ideas to consider. Your child may want the same book over and over (this is common). Remember, your child is learning from their favourite book every time you read it
  • Start with sounds, not letters. For example, don’t say ‘double-u’ say the sound of W. Your child knows how to talk and will more readily relate to sound. At the beginning stage, letters are abstracts that are too far removed from everyday language
  • Encourage your child to write each day. Get him/her to help you with a grocery list, write a letter, or perhaps even a Christmas wish-list (if you dare)! Don’t worry about correct spelling at first. You will notice that the more your child reads, the more he/she will recognise accepted spelling
  • Explain what words mean. You would think it would be hard for a child to read or spell a word without context, but you would be surprised how many can. However, helping your child to understand the relation of words to objects or ideas will help them more readily recall words
  • Don’t rely on school. Teachers cannot give every child the amount of attention they may require, so keep on reading and writing with your child after they begin school
  • Reading is fun when your child is given reading awards. See our Products for awards and stickers to celebrate the milestones they have achieved.

Reading is an enjoyable activity that opens up endless possibilities for the reader. Being with your child at the beginning of their reading journey will form a special bond between you that will last a lifetime.